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Here’s What To Do If Your Conservatory Is Leaking

25th January, 2017 posted in by Leila Jackson

As a homeowner, there are few things more frustrating than having a leak in the home.

Firstly, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to identify exactly where the leak is coming from and secondly, there’s always the looming possibility that it’s going to cost a fortune to fix.

Unfortunately for those with conservatories, leaking can be a common problem.


As the roof tends to be weakest part of the conservatory, general wear and tear over the years can cause damage, letting unwanted water into the roof.

And, as many conservatories, are not properly insulated and ventilated, water in a conservatory can lead to mould if left untreated, which can cause serious respiratory problems.

If a lot of water is entering into your conservatory, it can also cause damage to furnishings and interiors, particularly if you have carpet and fabric sofas and chairs.

Common causes of leaks in conservatory roof

Slipped off roof panels

If your roof panels have slipped, this will create a gap at the ridge of the roof where water will be able to get through. This gap will also allow noise and wind to enter the conservatory too.

You can purchase kits to repair roof panels or loose cappings at the end of the panels. However, we strongly recommend consulting a professional. If you’re not confident that slipped panels are the cause of your leak and you do not have any experience with the construction of a conservatory roof, you could end up doing irreparable damage.

Lead flashing

Flashing covers over the joint between the conservatory and the house. Lead is often chosen as the material for flashing as it is durable and can withstand most weather conditions. However, if your lead flashing is not properly fitted, leaks can occur.

Roof vents

In recent years, roof vents have become particularly popular in conservatories to allow air to better circulate and prevent condensation. However, if your vent is poorly installed, leaks can occur. Thankfully, on most occasions, these can be easily repaired.


Most conservatory fitters will use rubber sealants to secure the edges of the structure. However, over time the material can deteriorate and wear down, letting in drafts and leaks.

What To Do If Your Conservatory Is Leaking

Although the above are some of the most common causes of leaks in conservatories, they are not the only ones.

Leaks in conservatories can be caused by a number of factors and no matter how much you examine the structure and the materials, it may be impossible to diagnose it yourself, without specific knowledge and experience.

If the leak is easy to spot and seems to be coming from the ridges, it’s likely that the leak is coming from worn sealant and should be easy and fairly inexpensive to fix.

However, if the source of the leak is not visible, or seems to be coming directly from the roof, you may need to consider replacement.

Replacing your conservatory roof

Converting your conservatory to a solid roof is the best way to permanently prevent leaks from occurring.

Polycarbonate, glass, uPVC and aluminium conservatories will always be susceptible to damage and leaks. Even if the leak is easily repaired, due to the quality of these materials, the problem is likely to arise again a few years, months or even weeks down the line.

CosyRoof can convert your existing conservatory roof to a solid roof, made up of eight layered tiling system that is durable and built to last.

It takes 3-5 days to install and comes with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, with 40 years’ insurance on our tiles.

It significantly reduces both sun glare and rain noise and is temperature controlled to ensure that it’s never too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Get a free quote from CosyRoof.