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Customer Reviews

Here at CosyRoof, our conservatory roof conversion customer reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. Satisfied customers are always telling us how it was far more affordable than they expected to transform their unusable conservatory space into a beautiful sunroom that they can enjoy all year round. That’s because a CosyRoof conversion is cosy, not costly!

Due to the quality of materials used by CosyRoof and the quality of service CosyRoof staff deliver to our customers, we’ve quickly grown to become the UK & Republic of Ireland’s number one choice for conservatory roof conversions.

CosyRoof currently have over 1000 happy customers already in the UK & Ireland who love not only the added space and value to their homes following a conservatory conversion, but the added quality of life too. Hear about some of conservatory conversion success stories right here!

Watch our customer stories below to see how we transformed their conservatory from an unloved area into a lovely room they can use and enjoy all year round.

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Mr Hammond

Mrs Dunn

Mrs Blackwell

Mrs Fiddis

Mr Boyce

Mr Moore

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What our Happy Customers Say

“Worth every penny, it’s real warm in our conservatory now. We got ours done early in the year and have saved loads in heating already.” Mrs Carr, Hull
Mrs Carr, Hull
“It’s our first winter after our cosy roof installation and the whole ground floor of our house is so much warmer” Mr Sumner, Ipswich
Mr Sumner, Ipswich
“Excellent company, very helpful knowledgeable sales rep. We had ours done in November and the 3 workers and plasterer were fantastic. Couldn't fault their work ethic. Ours is rather large and made a big big difference.” Mr Burridge, Northamptonshire
Mr Burridge, Northamptonshire
“Just had our roof done by Cosy Roof and what a difference. All so nice and cosy now. The three workmen they sent to do the job were fantastic. They worked outside in the pouring rain, and did not stop for lunch or a coffee break. Absolutely fantastic. I would recommend this company to all and everyone” Mrs Laverty, Jersey
Mrs Laverty, Jersey
“Brilliant company, made a first class job of my conservatory roof.” Mr Dibb, Coventry
Mr Dibb, Coventry
“I have had it done to my conservatory a couple of months ago. It has made a wonderful difference. I can use the room all year round” Mrs Molloy
Mrs Molloy
“I got it done in my old house and put the wood burner in. The best move I ever made, it was so cosy in the winter!” Mrs Fox, Dublin
Mrs Fox, Dublin
I was convinced from the start it was the right company for me. The workmen were first class. The whole experience was exceptional. It is everything I hoped it would be and perhaps a bit more. Mrs Blackwell, England
Mrs Blackwell, England
I’m over the moon with the product and the workmanship. I can’t praise the company enough, there is nothing they won’t do. I’m very happy with the experience of using Cosy Roof and would use the company again. Mr Hammond, England
Mr Hammond, England
The difference a CosyRoof has had is remarkable. The workmen worked constant and hard, and did not want endless cups of tea. I was just so impressed with the roof at the end. It was perfect from start to finish. I could not be more delighted. Mrs Dunn, England
Mrs Dunn, England
They could not have done anything better. Everything that they did was very slick and professional. It really has been an excellent experience and has had a huge benefit on our house and family life. Glad we got it done. Mrs Fiddis, Northern Ireland
Mrs Fiddis, Northern Ireland
They arrived on Monday morning and the work was completed by Friday lunch time. They explained things fully to me and my wife and we were very impressed with the professional manner and the workmanship was excellent. It really does give you an additional room and enhances the value of your property. Mr Boyce, Northern Ireland
Mr Boyce, Northern Ireland
The main clincher was a combination of the prompt response which we'd had from CosyRoof, the representative we found very comfortable and the main thing; there was no pressure for sales whatsoever. Very pleased, well worth the investment. Mr Moore, England
Mr Moore, England
What made us decide to go with CosyRoof was that the salesman came and he wasn't pushy; he explained everything that I had concerns about and he went through it all. He was absolutely brilliant. CosyRoof could have done nothing else that would have made it easier for us to decide to go with them. Mr Bailey, England
Mr Bailey, England

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