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How It Works

CosyRoof is unique – a proper roof, rather than the thermal blinds or polycarbonate roof inserts that other companies offer. Its’ insulating properties are far superior and temperature control is never an issue.
Our system is fully tested by structural engineers and uses high performance materials throughout, from the advanced lightweight, yet strong, roof tiling system to the fully insulated and finished interior ceiling.

The tiling system is made up of eight layers for durability and weatherproofing, placed on top of breathable felt and lathe. The fully installed ceiling consists of 75mm of insulation between the rafters, 9.5mm thick plasterboard, 3mm of bonding and 3mm of finished plaster – all of which provides excellent thermal properties.

U-value measures how well a building component heats the inside of a structure. The lower the U-value, the less heat that escapes. With a U-value of 0.17, CosyRoof sunroom’s performance is miles better than the original glass or polycarbonate roofs.

Our insulating properties are so outstanding that CosyRoof qualifies for reduced VAT (only 5%) due to the energy efficiency of the product.

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CosyRoof Installation Time

At CosyRoof, we’ll ensure your conservatory conversion is quick, professional and a smooth transition. Submit our 'contact' form or our 'get a quote' form and a member of CosyRoof staff will be in touch within 48 hours. Once your order has been confirmed, installation is carried out on a date agreed with you by a skill led, two-man team and most installations are completed within 3-5 days.

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Conservatory Finishings

A CosyRoof conservatory conversion is finished with a tiled roof that is strong, weatherproof and durable, yet lightweight, meaning there’s no extra cost involved for the strengthening of current foundations. Your new roof comes complete with new guttering and fascia boards on the outside and is also finished with a plastered, fully insulated ceiling inside for a more polished look and feel.

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CosyRoof Maintenance

A CosyRoof conversion eliminates the maintenance associated with glass and polycarbonate roofs. With a CosyRoof, you won’t have to waste time cleaning moss, dirt or leaves from your conservatory, or waste time worrying about leaks and shifting or sun glare and temperature. CosyRoof offers a 10-year insurance backed guarantee so you can spend all that time enjoying your new conservatory space instead.

Key Features & Benefits

Here’s some of the key features and benefits of a CosyRoof conservatory conversion to help you better decide if it’s what you’re looking for:
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